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Suffering is Everywhere, Relief is Optional

Dr. BiFulco is honored to have been offering his services for over 30 years as a physician specialist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) and testimony expert.  

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Dr. BiFulco and BiFulco Medical Group are available to individuals who suffer with a painful or disabling condition, regardless of the cause, organ system, or age group.

A comprehensive medical history and examination are essential to determine if an MD/Physician-authored Life Care Plan is appropriate. This is usually the case if an individual has a chronic and/or permanent condition and is in need of lifelong medical services. 

This medical evaluation including history and examination involves an overview of the following:

  • Review of any and all available existing medical and health records and/or hospital records
  • Past and current medical history
  • Past and current surgical history
  • Past and current medication usage
  • Complete review of systems
  • Current physical limitations
  • Current physical and psychological challenges, difficulties, and complaints
  • And more…  

This review of all existing medical records and readily available health information allows Dr. BiFulco to determine the next steps that must be taken to prepare a physician-authored Life Care Plan.

A Life Care Plan is a dynamic document that serves to provide a roadmap to medical care and services over a lifetime. It is an individualized plan of treatment for an injured individual. The care plan takes into account the individual's abilities, disabilities and chronic medical conditions, along with their geographic area where they will receive their care. A Life Care Plan details medical care and services to include categories such as evaluations, therapies, medications, diagnostic tests, invasive procedures including surgery, and much more. Providing a detailed roadmap to care will help an individual and their family go from pieces to peace.

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Care Plan for Life

A care plan for life, or life care plan, must be based on what an individual needs with a reasonable degree of medical probability. It is valuable to have a physician write your life care plan. The capacity to perform a physical exam, independently substantiate medical conditions and needs, and defend those medical opinions is unique to medical doctors. Only a physician can do that. Click on the button below to learn more about a care plan for life.

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Vocational Evaluations and Earning Capacity Assessments

Individuals who require a life life care plan often require a vocational evaluation and an earning capacity assessment to determine the damages or losses when an injury has affected someone's ability to return to work or their work life length. Click the button below to learn more about vocational evaluations and earning capacity assessments.

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Medical Records Review

With every new patient, Dr. BiFulco takes into account a full review of their medical history. This includes any and all medical records, assessments, testing, and notes from other physicians and specialists. A life care plan works best when all available information is taken into account along with the client’s current needs. Click the button below to learn more about medical records review and how it works.

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