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Life Care Planning consultations, evaluations, and case management tools available for the injured and those suffering as well as plaintiff and defense attorneys who represent the injured, the suffering and defendants.

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We handle both medical services and medical-legal litigation support in serious permanent & catastrophic injuries and illnesses nationwide. Dr. BiFulco lives and works in West Central Florida, where he has been a treating physician specialist and testifying expert since 1990. Dr. BiFulco has treated and consulted with over 100,000 patients during his 40 years in medicine (30 years in private practice and 10 years as a nationally testifying life care planner). 

A certified life care planner is often a necessity when a person has suffered a “forever loss” or is incapacitated by injury or illness. Often, the injury or illness is alleged to be caused by someone else's negligence or stupidity. A life care plan written by a well-trained, experienced, and passionate life care planner/medical doctor is the “single source of truth” in the litigation process. This is why so few attorneys would ever present a catastrophic injury and damage claim in court without one.   

Let us evaluate and assess the impact and cost of your injury and condition and create a roadmap for the needed medical care over the duration of your life.

A life care plan written by a medical doctor can answer three very important questions for the injured person, their family and even for the judge and jury. Those questions are:

  1. What do I have (i.e. what are my specific diagnoses that require care now and in the future)?

  2. What do I need (i.e. what exact medical visits, diagnostic tests, therapies, procedures, equipment, etc. are needed) now and in the future?

  3. What will it cost? (In today’s dollars in the geographic area where I intend to receive my medical care and treatment.)

Care Plan
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Vocational Evaluations and Earning Capacity Assessments

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Care Plan for Life

A care plan for life is a proven communication tool for anyone with a serious, permanent, or catastrophic injury or illness. It can be used both in a litigation setting and in additional scenarios. Life care planning is a roadmap for the future to help an injured person and their family. It serves to illustrate what they need and what it will cost in the years to come. The injured party, their family, their legal team or the legal team for the opposition can reach out at any time. Once it is clear that someone has a permanent injury or forever loss, a care plan for life should be considered. This enables all interested parties to agree on and be aware of all care requirements. A life care plan is a proven and effective case management tool as well as crucial litigation support.

Vocational Evaluations and Earning Capacity Assessments

When someone has sustained a serious, catastrophic injury, their ability to earn a living and continue to work is compromised. This evaluation helps to quantitate the economic damages. It will help to determine the amount of money lost due to injury, and how it will affect someone in terms of their ability to earn money. Oftentimes a disability or impairment can limit one’s access to the workforce or the number of working years they have remaining. Vocational evaluations and earning capacity assessment reports quantitate (in a proven, effective, and consistent way), what those economic losses will be.

In litigation matters, the report enables a representing attorney to enter all damages in a court of law so that a jury can consider them when calculating compensation. 

Medical Records Review

The medical records review is an important component of assessing any serious or catastrophic injury. Medical records review determines pre-existing conditions, whether a specific incident is the sole cause of someone’s disability, or is merely an aggravating factor to an existing condition. It is an essential component of a life care plan. It is also one of the major steps to take when following the methodology taught to board-certified life care planners—in other words, a highly advisable best practice.

Request Forms

Request forms must be filled out prior to your visit with a life care planning doctor. It serves to simplify the gathering of any pertinent information regarding an injury or condition. The information gathered includes a comprehensive patient history, legal requests, and anything else needed before a physical exam.

"Dr. BiFulco is an extraordinary communicator, whether in the exam room, the waiting room, or the courtroom."

-Linda D. | Wife of Patient

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